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Managing the Cross-Border Regulatory Process for eDiscovery

Oct 06, 2021

Managing the cross-border regulatory process for eDiscovery and multilingual matters has always been challenging —  and to add to it, the exponential growth of electronic data has created mountains of information for legal teams to sift through.

Challenges come from every angle during the eDiscovery process. They can include differences in data privacy laws, or obtaining electronically stored information from multiple jurisdictions with different laws and regulations for every country the data exists. To complicate matters further, cross-border disputes often involve multiple languages.

Your foreign language documents can add significantly to the cost, complexity and lead time for your eDiscovery project. Tight budgets and deadlines place additional stress on legal teams already bogged down by the litigation process.

If you are a legal professional working in the litigation arena, multilingual documents unearthed during discovery present unique challenges, and the pure volume of documents alone can be overwhelming.

This complimentary white paper, ‘Challenges in Cross-border & Multilingual eDiscovery’ discusses these challenges and outlines best practices to help you implement an effective and smooth process for difficult cross-border and/or multilingual litigation.

Challenges in Cross-border & Multilingual eDiscovery

In our newly updated guide face regulatory challenges head-on:

  • Cross-border regulatory challenges
  • How to lower costs
  • Adding ELM software to your workflow

Attorneys and legal operations departments have relied on Morningside to manage their multilingual discovery for over 20 years. Let us put our expertise to work.

If you’re starting a new eDiscovery project download our guide today. For more information on eDiscovery, contact us

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