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Morningside Relies on In-Country Translators

Jul 20, 2010

Morningside relies on expert, professional translators to prepare our clients’ technical and legal translations. We also require that the translator be a native speaker of the target language (the language the document is being translated into). Why?

A native speaker has a grasp of linguistic nuances, idioms, terminology, and culture that are vital in preparing an accurate and localized translation. Their larger vocabulary and familiarity with even obscure phrases means they will be far more adept at picking the ideal word or phrase in a given context.

Because knowledge of the target language and culture are so important, Morningside relies on in-country translators for the majority of projects where we are translating from English into a foreign language. This is especially important when translating marketing materials, media content, websites, and other materials where cultural sensitivity is paramount.

Our translators are of course fluent and highly proficient in the source language as well. But the fact that they are native speakers of the target language helps ensure translations that are not only accurate but also correctly convey our client’s message in style and tone and help them to truly reach a global audience.

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