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Multilingual SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a requirement for any corporate website looking to boost its presence on Google, Bing and other search engines. If you’ve invested in quality optimized content to improve your Google rankings, don’t let that go to waste when you translate your website into a foreign language. Proper keyword targeting and SEO optimized content is just as critical to achieving high rankings overseas as it is in the United States. Morningside can deliver highly accurate website translations that keep your keywords and brand intact while adapting your message for a global audience.

What Is SEO?

SEO refers to a set of best practices for ensuring your website achieves a high ranking in Google and other search engines. Techniques vary, though some of the most commonly used include the following:

  • Regular updating
  • Internal linking between pages
  • Creating a sitemap
  • Tagging images
  • Incorporating frequently-searched keywords into your title tags, headers, metadata and site content

SEO in Translation

It is this last point that has the most significant impact on website translation efforts. Attracting international customers requires consistent and accurate keyword translation, as well as an awareness of the basic SEO principles being employed in the original content. Things to consider when translating a keyword-optimized webpage include the following:

  • A literal translation may not be the most effective. A native speaker may have certain idiomatic ways of referring to a given product or service that do not translate effectively from English.
  • Regional variations in language tend to be especially prominent when referring to professional titles – think of the American vs. British English usages of the various terms “lawyer,” “attorney,” “barrister” and “solicitor.”
  • Keywords need to be specific. For example, a search for “lawyers in India” will produce too many results to be usable; searching for “lawyers in Bangalore,” or, better yet, “patent lawyers in Bangalore” gives more manageable results and is more likely to be what someone actually looking for a patent lawyer in Bangalore will search for. Proper translation of SEO content involves being aware of these market factors.

How Morningside Can Help

Morningside can partner with your SEO marketing company to optimize foreign language content and help your translated webpages achieve high rankings in the top search engines. Our translation team includes in-country experts who understand the cultural nuances required to properly translate SEO keywords and content. Our team includes translators with subject matter expertise in a number of different fields as well as multi-year experience translating websites and other marketing content. We also provide fast turnaround times to keep your website updated with fresh content which can help boost your Google rankings.