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Tips for Better UI/UX in Localized eLearning

Jan 05, 2023

When producing eLearning material, it is critical that your end user find the experience easy, the message clear, and the training useful. The UI/UX (User Interface, User Experience) significantly contributes to that end goal. If a course does not seem relevant, streamlined, or professionally done, then a user may disregard its importance – no matter the subject matter.

This is true with localized eLearning material as well as the original source material. Localized courses with content left in English or examples that are hard to understand could be viewed as haphazard, half-hearted attempts to satisfy legal requirements without really caring about the end user.

Below are some tips for better UI/UX of the final localized course by optimizing your source material and carrying out a complete localization effort.

Optimize your Source Material for Better UI/UX

  • Write the course material in simplified English when possible, which can result in a better translation into different languages.
  • Avoid culture-specific examples in your writing because they are either difficult to translate or won’t make as much sense to your international users.
  • Use responsive design in your layouts so that the user can successfully view the course on any device.
  • Account for text expansion in your layout design since most languages are longer than English. Poor layout design will result in translations being cut off or disrupting the overall layout, but flexible layouts make producing localized courses very easy.
  • Use standard course structures and interfaces that follow the natural learning flow according to industry best practices.

Carry out a Complete Localization Effort

  • Audiovisual elements should be localized at a basic level to ensure the end user can fully understand the material.
    • Images with embedded text can be localized.
    • Audio files can be recorded in each language, or the transcript translated and made easily accessible.
    • Videos with onscreen text can have that text localized.
    • Videos with voiceovers can either have the voiceover recorded in each language or localized subtitles can be added.
  • All User Interface labels should be fully localized. Some applications or platforms supply UI translations, and others may require you to obtain and load them.
  • A quality check of the fully localized course by a native speaker is vital to ensuring a complete, accurate, and effective final product for your international users. All content should be localized, easy to understand, and look good.

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