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Translating Breaking News

Jan 26, 2015

When international news breaks, the need for translation services to help disseminate urgent information becomes paramount. Immediately after the horrific terror attacks in Paris, one of the major 24-hour newschannels called on Morningside to provide onsite language services in the newsroom to aid in live translations of incoming news reports from France.

Morningside understood the urgency and importance of this project, as well as our great responsibility to provide the most highly qualified linguists with impeccable communication skills and the ability to work quickly in a high-pressure environment. We sprang into action, providing a highly qualified French to English interpreter on-site within the hour and then quickly assembling a team of highly experienced French to English linguists to provide round-the-clock interpretation services as the story progressed for more than 5 days straight.

Our translators and interpreters worked directly in the newsroom watching and translating the latest news reports from French TV and even providing over the phone (OPI) interpretation services on phone calls to Paris city officials.

In addition, our project and account managers were on-call 24 hours a day to ensure a seamless transition from one linguist to the next on-site and prevent any gaps in French language support for our client.

Having translators and interpreters in the newsroom helped ensure that breaking news and any follow-up was immediately translated and analyzed and provided a rapid turnaround to broadcast news to local audiences.

Headquartered in New York, the ‘city that never sleeps,’ this was not the first time that Morningside has partnered with leading news organizations in NYC and around the world to provide language support services during breaking news events. These language services have included around-the-clock on-site interpretation, both sight translations and expedited translations, foreign news and media outlet monitoring, and off-site support through on-demand.

We are proud of the language support services we were able to provide during those difficult days, and our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of those who lost loved ones in France.

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