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Translation Is Key To Reaching Global Consumers

Jan 11, 2013

For companies looking to expand their brand abroad, translating their marketing materials and web content is critical. According to Common Sense Advisory, English content reaches less than one-third of global consumers. That means American companies with English content only are ignoring more than 70% of the world’s consumers, and losing out on massive opportunities for additional revenue. Those same companies could potentially reach 98 percent of global online users by translating their content into 48 languages.

But translating content into 48 languages is prohibitively expensive for most small and medium-sized businesses, and using free online translation for marketing materials is a definite no-no. Luckily, there is a smart and cost-effective alternative. By translating English content into just 9 languages, you can reach 84% of global Internet users. The languages to translate into are Chinese (25% of online users), Spanish (8%), Japanese (5%), Portuguese (4%), German (4%), Arabic (3%), French (3%), Russian (3%), and Korean (2%). Add that to the 27% of English users, and you can target the vast majority of Internet users around the world, improving brand recognition and getting your message out to potential consumers around the world.

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