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A Guide for Drug and Device Manufactures: Communication during Globalization

Dec 20, 2021

Growth-minded drug and device manufacturing companies frequently explore and take advantage of expanding into foreign markets to stay competitive and sustain reliable growth. Borderless business allows employees, suppliers and buyers to be located around the globe, no longer needing to rely on locals to meet their needs.

In all of this excitement of expansion of global reach, manufacturers can easily be blindsided by potential roadblocks that come with multilingual audiences. Drug and device manufacturers can face various regulatory hurdles, unique language barriers, and potentially ballooning costs.

Clear communication is critical to global organizations’ success and sustainable growth. This means translating and localizing key content for audiences to win new business, hire better talent, and increase brand awareness and loyalty. Succeeding requires translations that accurately and skillfully communicate your key message and brand to your target audience. It’s not enough to translate the text—the content must also be localized to reflect your audience’s culture and stylistic preferences.

Luckily, we have updated our eBook, “How to Optimize Your Global Business: an eBook for Drug & Device Manufacturers,” to help simplify the process. Our guide to globalization provides tips and best practices for:

  • Marketing teams that need to ensure their message is easily understood and culturally appropriate;
  • HR departments that have to make sure handbooks and employee communications meet local language requirements;
  • Training & Development departments that need comprehension and consistency for their eLearning materials for their global workforce.

We provide valuable insights and tips for marketers, eLearning, and HR professionals that will help you achieve your global goals. You can learn more about our eBook here and download it today.

Morningside equips the world’s leading life sciences organizations with a full suite of end-to-end language solutions for their regulatory, clinical, and commercial needs. With over 4,000 clients in 55 countries, we’re globally recognized for our life science expertise and technology innovation across pharma, biotech, medical devices, and healthcare.

Our life sciences translation, localization, and interpretation expertise equips leading global organizations with the tools they need to operate seamlessly in foreign markets, overcome regulatory hurdles and connect with audiences worldwide.

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