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Applying for a Patent in Germany

Aug 24, 2020

Did you know that Germany is now ranked as the most innovative nation worldwide? Bloomberg reports it’s a thriving European center for innovation where patent activity, high-tech density, and value-added manufacturing are on the rise.

If you wish to join the trend and patent your innovation in Germany, it’s critical that you understand how the the German patent application process works. For example, did you know that filing your patent application with the German Patent and Trademark Office secures your priority date – but it does not begin the official examination required to grant the patent?

Learn more about the filing and examination process in Germany by viewing our most recent article on IPWatchdog. There, we cover:

  • German patent filing methods
  • How to begin examination in Germany
  • Germany’s language requirement
  • The difference between German patents and utility models


About the authors:

This article was co-written by Morningside and Stolmár & Partner IP.


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