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Applying for a Patent in South Korea

Oct 07, 2020

As one of the world’s most vibrant markets, the number of patents granted in South Korea by the Korean Industrial Property Office (KIPO) has been steadily rising. In just a single year, 2018, patent filings increased by nearly 5% over the previous year – and 3.6% of these (47,410 applications) were filed by international claimants.

If you wish to join the trend and patent your innovation in South Korea, it’s critical to understand how the South Korean patent application process works. For example, did you know that you must submit a Korean translation within 31 months from the earliest priority date if you’re filing a PCT application, but you only have 14 months if you’re using the Paris Convention route?

Learn more about the filing and examination process in South Korea by viewing our most recent article on IPWatchdog. There, we cover:

  • Patentability in South Korea
  • Available filing methods
  • Korean language requirements
  • Time and cost involved


About the authors:

This article was co-written by John Harris at Morningside and Jongseop Yun at AIP Patent & Law Firm.


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