Client Experience / Case Studies

Global 200 Information Technology Client

The Challenge

A Global 200 information technology leader was filing hundreds of patent applications in multiple countries per year, and also validating granted EP patents throughout Europe. The process was outsourced to a fragmented network of patent agents with numerous points of contact, excessive translation fees, and no tools or processes for cost reduction. In an effort to streamline the process and lower costs, the company started looking for a way to consolidate its translation work for foreign translations and EP Validation.

The Solution

They selected Morningside as their exclusive vendor for EP Validation as well as patent translations for national stage entry. Our competitive fee structure and efficient project management were the deciding factors. “Morningside is responsive, efficient, reliable and cost effective,” said their head paralegal. “There are never any surprises – you always stick to what you say and I know what to expect.”

The Result

Morningside now exclusively manages all of the client’s national validations in Europe, as well as translations for PCT national phase entry and direct filing.

Our Partnership

By partnering with Morningside, this Global 200 tech company lowered costs and streamlined its foreign filing process.