Client Experience / Case Studies

Global 500 Environmental Company

The Challenge

A Global 500 environmental company was faced with the critical need to cut costs and streamline operations related to their extensive foreign filing practice—without compromising quality. “The biggest hurdle for us was the expense,” said their Senior IP Law Manager. “We were using our law firms to handle our translations and we were paying top dollar for that, so we decided to do an RFP with different translation companies and see if we could lower our costs.”

The Solution

After researching and vetting several options, they selected Morningside as their exclusive vendor for patent translations, as well as EP validations. Our competitive fee structure, superior quality and easy-to-use IP platform were the deciding factors. “The streamlined process with Morningside has really, really helped us,” said their Senior IP Law Manager. “We’ve got a lot of cases with a lean staff, so simple is better. The IP Platform is intuitive, user-friendly, and not complicated. It takes me minimal time to get cases off my desk and onto the platform – and for me, that works.”

The Result

The company now exclusively uses the Morningside IP Platform to prepare translations for filing and for national validations in Europe.

Our Partnership

By partnering with Morningside, this Global 500 environmental company dramatically lowered costs and streamlined its foreign filing process without compromising quality.