Client Experience / Case Studies

Leading Technology Brand Consolidates Legal Translation Services & Customized Solutions

One of the world’s largest technology brands partners with Morningside for a consolidated approach to legal translation services and customized workflows.

Our elite global technology client is one of the world’s most respected companies, providing a wide range of mass-market products to over a billion people worldwide.

Our partnership began several years ago when our client determined they had very little visibility or control over their global legal translation program. Each local in-country office had a different solution and their external law firms were independently choosing their own translation providers.

Initially supporting a handful of their law firms on an ad-hoc basis, our partnership has since evolved dramatically. We provide a consolidated legal translation and document review strategy for the entirety of the global organization, also covering hundreds of law firms in dozens of countries and in 50+ languages.

The Challenge

Before working with Morningside, the elite brand struggled to find appropriate translation resources for legal content. They obtained transactional translations from multiple providers, many of whom were generalist Language Service Providers (LSPs). Our client quickly found that their providers struggled with legal terminology, lacking legal expertise and creating inaccuracies. Perhaps most importantly, none of their generalist translation agencies could keep up with the turnaround requirements demanded by the typically sensitive and timely legal translation work.

Inevitably, their sizeable fleet of law firms began to solicit translation services transactionally from any LSP of their choosing, leading to several major issues for the leading technology brand. In doing so, our client recognized they had little visibility into the amount spent annually on translation – not to mention the missed opportunity to benefit from the discounts that such a hefty billing should merit.

They also couldn’t guarantee consistent terminology, accuracy, or quality in the translations so critical to its business activities. As proven repeatedly, word choice can mean everything in litigation or other legal matters. With each local law firm hiring a different translator, they lacked the means to mitigate such risks comprehensively.

Lastly, there was no way for the leading technology brand to be confident in the quality or process it has taken to vet the LSPs – not just on quality of translation but also on data security or other capabilities. It was difficult to determine if the organization’s best interests were being considered when hiring an LSP.

The Solution

The elite technology brand partnered with Morningside as its primary global provider for legal translations. As a result, they received a repeatable process for requesting translation work, discounted rates considering their global volume of translation, clear quality control and data security measures, and enhanced visibility into and control over the legal translation procurement process. Morningside has provided legal translation not only for our client’s massive internal global legal team but also for its roster of law firms in dozens of countries.

Morningside has also created customized submission workflows, integrating into existing client systems and allowing all users to submit translation requests to Morningside without leaving their own proprietary environments. This solution, built directly into their existing processes, eliminated back and forth between law firms and our translation team. It also provided them with visibility into cost, quality, deadlines and complete control over the process.

The Journey

Our client has many internal processes common in large organizations that make it challenging to onboard a new third-party service for translation.

Given the global nature of their business, our client has a constant stream of legal content requiring translation. The focus of our partnership is litigation associated with countless external law firms across the dozens of countries in which the elite brand operates. In many cases, the nature of the litigation necessitates hundreds of documents to be translated in 24-48 hours or less.

Upon partnering with Morningside, our client immediately gained enhanced transparency on a micro-level, tracking the progress of translations. On a macro level, they can track the large amount of work across the organization, helping them qualify for significant cost savings.

Our client also gained rigorous internal quality control processes, recovering control over translation quality and ensuring all legal translations are produced at the highest level with maximum protection to guard them against future issues. Our procedures mean our client has access to customized glossaries that ensure the constant and correct use of preferred terminology and standard references in all relevant languages. And translation memory discounts provide further cost reduction by efficiently reusing previously translated material, enhancing cost savings and reducing turnaround times.

Our Partnership

Our client has achieved a centralized and easily repeatable process by creating a custom solution to integrate with existing workflows. We lead our client through each project submitted, and we can consult on which best practices should be followed to ensure friction-free and successful translations every time.

In addition to reaping the many benefits of a consolidated legal translation strategy, our custom solution added to our client’s existing workflow for project requests, increased timeliness and reduced burdensome back-and-forth.

We can now provide our legal translation services to our client’s hundreds of law firms and utilize our unique customized workflow while also providing them with visibility into cost, quality, deadlines and complete control over the process, which is what we do best.

Morningside, a Questel Company, delivers customized legal translation services based on your case size and budget requirements, utilizing industry-leading technology to ensure accuracy, lower costs and faster turnaround times. Contact us today to get started.