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Consolidating for Complex Multi-language Litigation

Jun 01, 2022

It is commonplace for global organizations to employ dozens of law firms to meet their various legal needs, including translation for complex multi-language litigation. A significant amount of money is spent on legal translation services for cross-border and multilingual dealings.

Outsourcing Decisions to Outside Counsel Presents Challenges

Corporations that outsource their translations to outside counsel, who, in turn, outsource the translations to various third-party providers. This presents several unforeseen challenges. With translations spread out, managing multiple vendors and invoices becomes confusing, and it is easy to lose track of spending. Vetting data security policies, guaranteeing consistent terminology or accuracy in translations, and ensuring reliable and efficient support across vendors and quality standards present additional challenges. It becomes increasingly impossible for the corporation to mitigate these risks and comprehensively ensure the accuracy of translations.

A Consolidated Approach to Complex Multi-Language Litigation

There are lasting benefits to working with an experienced legal language services provider. To ensure you understand and gain all the help of a consolidated legal translation strategy, we are hosting a webinar with the Association of e-Discovery Specialists (ACEDS) with doeLEGAL, inc. We’ll discuss strategies to work with one provider who can deliver the answers to managing complex multi-language projects to reduce costs, improve transparency, increase accuracy, reduce data security concerns and improve efficiency during our webinar.

International corporations who use outside counsel can use these benefits without making any problematic internal changes or creating additional counsel work. Choose a reliable and experienced LSP to handle organization-wide translations and then instruct each law firm under contract to obtain all future legal translation services from that LSP. Outside counsel can instruct the LSP on your behalf, which will immediately achieve greater efficiency, consistent quality, and cost savings for your organization.

Industry Expertise

We will have three expert speakers from the legal and translation industries, Brooke Oppenheimer Counsel, eDiscovery, Cyber & Data Protection Axinn, Veltrop & Harkrider; Andrew Turko, eDiscovery Business Development at doeLEGAL and our very own Dylan Blaney, Vice President of Business Development at Morningside.

Brooke Oppenheimer is an attorney at Axinn, Veltrop & Harkrider whose practice focuses on the discovery, cybersecurity, and data protection. Brooke regularly advises clients on general discovery litigation strategy, data management, privacy, security compliance, and breach response. Further,
Brooke manages large document review projects and productions in preparation for depositions, expert discovery and trials.

Before joining the firm, Brooke managed the electronic discovery for government investigations and criminal proceedings and advised federal agencies on eDiscovery readiness and strategy. Before focusing her practice on eDiscovery and cyber, she had the opportunity to assist in defending two high-profile.
Kosovar Albanians at the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY). She provided legal representation to unlawfully detained children in East Africa. Brooke received her law degree from the New England School of Law and an M.Sc. in Cybersecurity Policy from the University of Maryland (University College).

As a member of doeLEGAL’s Ascent eDiscovery services group for the last 7+ years, Andrew Turko has worked closely with law firms and corporate legal departments to tackle complex document review projects using some legal technology industry’s most advanced eDiscovery solutions. He has been
assisting legal professionals with technology matters for almost 25 years and was instrumental in designing and deploying the criminal case management system used by the United Nations to prosecute war crimes in Sierra Leone. Andrew and his daughter, Sophia, live in Newark, DE, with their Portuguese
water dog, Ringo.

Dylan Blaney is responsible for the company’s global legal translation strategy and maintaining relationships with the world’s largest corporate legal departments and law firms. Dylan expertly advises law firms and corporations on best legal translation practices, specifically implementing workflows and
technology that reduce cost, improve quality, and accelerate deadlines. He specifically focuses on international litigation and arbitration, FCPA, patent litigation, M&A, internal corporate communication and documentation, and any other material that needs to be translated to ensure adequate global
communication in the legal marketplace.

Join us for this presentation, “Making One Call: Consolidating Costs for Complex Multi-Language Litigation,” which will begin on Thursday, June 16, 2022, at 01:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time. Audience members may arrive 15 minutes in advance of this time.

You can learn more about ACEDS, our webinar, and get registered today!

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