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ATD 2022 Wrapped-Up: eLearning Translation Services

May 25, 2022

It was great to be back at the Association for Talent Development (ATD) 2022 in Orlando, Florida, last week, showcasing our comprehensive eLearning translation services and connecting with fellow colleagues in the industry by engaging with talent development training & development and learning solutions colleagues.

Driving the Future of Company Growth

Talent development takes center stage as a critical retention tool at most organizations, ours included. A new breed of tools and solutions focusing on web and mobility has popped up to meet the hybrid demands of the workforce. One constant that remains is the need to communicate and train a global audience, especially in foreign, non-English languages. Companies may choose to localize and engage with non-English speakers in their own language since it breaks down the communication barriers. In some instances, regulatory and accessibility regulations require translation needs. Even the number of translation vendors has increased at ATD since the last time it was held in Orlando in 2015; outpaced only by the number of LMS platforms created.

Pathways Forward

On a personal note, it was refreshing to engage with talent development professionals to discuss challenges and solutions we each face working in a global and hybrid work environment. Topics ranged from career pathways for managers versus individual contributors (ICs)  to models of mentorship programs at other organizations and the reminder that “culture eats strategy” from the famous quote by management consultant Peter Drucker and strategies to mitigate. Attending ATD as an exhibitor and services provider does not mean we cannot learn from best practices that can be implemented in our own organization to improve and better our teams.

In exhibiting with our partner company, ExecutiveIP, it was insightful to learn that many leading organizations do not incorporate training on patents, trade secrets, trademarks and other intellectual property topics in their pursuit to develop talent and protect these valuable intangible assets. In our experience, being aware of intellectual property and trade secrets is as essential as basic training on information security to protect an organization and employee interests.

If you did not get a chance to stop by our booth to learn about our language solutions or catalog of intellectual property training, our experts are still available for consultations. If you did stop by to speak to Morningside and ExeuctiveIP, we know you received great information to take back to your business. Electronic versions of our brochures and more information are available upon request.

About Morningside

Whether you’re a multinational organization that operates around the world or a U.S.-based firm with a non-English-speaking workforce, we can accurately translate your HR, eLearning, legal, and corporate communications materials into the correct language and ensure that the translations comply with all local regulatory and cultural requirements. Morningside has two decades worth of experience handling complex corporate, legal and HR document translations for top corporations around the world. Our network of global translators possesses deep corporate compliance expertise and knows how to translate employee manuals accurately, policies, benefits information, training videos, and more into 200 languages.

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