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Global Patent Litigation: Ensuring Quality

May 10, 2022

Multilingual patent litigation cases are on the rise globally – and are rarely short, easy, or inexpensive. Patent litigation lawsuits come with unique challenges – with both parties attempting to claim ownership over the same idea or invention, and evidence can often be ambiguous. It’s an arduous process!

Various experts will need to be consulted and deposed; discovery is complicated – time-consuming, and highly technical. Prolonged trials come with an even more robust price tag. Most global patent litigation cases will cost millions of dollars without mentioning the additional costs of international matters, like translation or localization. Global patent litigation translations don’t have to break your bank, but these challenges make it easy to pick a provider that can do the quickest work.

You mustn’t forget that global patent litigation translation can have serious consequences, including missed filing deadlines, lack of protection, or jeopardizing the very existence of businesses built around the intellectual property! The patent translation may seem like a formality, but it is a crucial step of the litigation process.

Your company has invested years into developing its valuable intellectual property. Don’t compromise that investment by rushing or skimping on the translation process. Doing so could cost your organization dearly. For these reasons, patent translation is a detailed and complex process requiring time and financial resources.

Of course, accuracy is essential for all translations and language choices especially have harsh consequences in legal contexts. When done correctly, given that you have chosen a reliable partner, you should be able to ensure quality, on-time delivery or even rush services and be cost-effective. It starts with selecting a proven partner with a reliable reputation and quality control processes.

The global patent translation process is often highly technical. Even the most minor of translation errors could render your patent unenforceable, or you could incur steep penalties like patent infringement. Beware of working with just any translator. Even at times, the most experienced linguists may struggle with the challenge of translating documents for patent litigation.

Taking Global Patent Litigation Translation Seriously

It takes a skilled patent litigation translator, an expert in the related technology, to understand the terminology and nuances –often on an extremely tight deadline. Translation services are practically required for these projects because they must be completed quickly, accurately, and reliably. Compromising high-quality patent litigation translation services isn’t an option. Fortunately, you can take action to make the translation process for multilingual litigation less painful. For that, we have created a brand new white paper, “Multilingual Patent Litigation: A White Paper,” to walk you through the importance and execution of:

Ensuring Translation Quality: Learn how to navigate complex legal matters with a well-crafted translation strategy by working with an experienced LSP for document management and verified quality management systems.

Developing a Translation Strategy: There is a lot that goes into the creation of a translation strategy. Our experts have summarized how to get the best started.

Multilingual Litigation Checklist: An outline of all the critical components in the patent litigation translation process. Such as; how to prepare your LSP, translation technology to look for, qualifications your LSP should meet and more to ensure reliability, accuracy, and cost-efficiency.

A Reliable Partner in Language Solutions

A patent litigation lawsuit can be painless and profitable with the right partnership. An arduous process can have its setbacks, including expense – but when you find a reliable translation partner, you can rely on experts to deal with every aspect of your case.

Download our complimentary white paper, “Multilingual Patent Litigation: a White Paper,” today to learn how to ensure reliable and quality translations and how Morningside can support your subsequent litigation.

Download the PowerPoint Deck

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