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Human Resources

Whether you are a multinational company with offices overseas or a local business with non-English speaking employees, Morningside provides cost-effective solutions to meet your human resources translation needs. We specialize in translating employee manuals, policy procedure documents, benefits information, training videos and newsletters. When it comes to HR translations, there’s no room for error since employee handbooks and codes of conduct must be translated accurately to protect both your company and its employees. Morningside is trusted to provide language solutions to HR departments and recruiters worldwide. Our quality assurance is fully ISO-certified and we are committed to using only native linguists to provide high-quality, culturally relevant human resources translation every time.

HR Translation Expertise in 150 Languages

Morningside has been a trusted provider of human resources translations for over 15 years. Morningside’s HR translations are prepared by professional linguists with subject matter expertise and substantial experience localizing HR materials. Our experienced project managers ensure that all you HR documents are translated accurately and delivered by deadline.


Comprehensive HR Translation Services

Morningside offer comprehensive language solutions to global HR departments including:

Website Localization


Business Translation


Legal Translation

Multimedia Localization

Translation Technology

Morningside employs industry-leading technology to improve efficiency and lower costs for our clients. Translation memory tools and client glossaries help ensure consistency and accuracy across different projects and can reduce costs substantially on larger projects. For high volume projects, we offer customized machine translation with human post-editing. Finally, our easy-to-use client portal allows clients to request new projects, track project status and search project history and invoices online 24/7.

The Morningside Advantage

Morningside’s human resources translators are native to the language and culture of your target audience, and are selected based on their specific expertise in HR. With more than 15 years of experience localizing human resources documents for over 180 countries, Morningside’s HR translation services can handle projects large or small on-time and on-budget.