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Employee Handbook Translation

Your workers rely on employee handbooks as a source of relevant information concerning company policies, procedures, fringe benefits and more. For multinational companies with operations in various markets around the world, accurate employee handbook translation is essential.

Using a combination of the best translation professionals and state-of-the-art technology, Morningside Translations provides precise and reliable employee handbook translations in more than one hundred languages.

Employee Handbook Translation Expertise

Our employee handbook translations are prepared by professional linguists who possess the necessary educational background and subject matter expertise in localizing human resources documents. Our translators make use of their innovative translation skills and other technology tools to provide quick and efficient employee handbook translations.

Our team of translators and project managers are standing by on a 24/7-basis to provide assistance whenever you need us. Morningside clients find that working with us is easy, as we work within your current processes while taking into account changing deadlines and increases in work volume.

The Morningside Advantage

The advantages of partnering with Morningside for your employee handbook translation needs include:

  • Competitive upfront pricing
  • Free price quotes
  • Discounts for repetitive text and updates
  • A flexible client-centered approach to provide a customized employee handbook translation solution
  • Fast service including the ability to meet urgent deadlines when necessary
  • A thorough proofing process featuring built-in redundancies
  • A user-friendly web-based portal to easily and conveniently upload projects, download finished translations and track projects currently in-progress

No-Hassle Employee Handbook Translation Services

At Morningside, we take care of the translations so you can focus on the task at hand. Our fast, accurate and reliable employee handbook translation service will give you one less thing to worry about.