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Sep 28, 2009

ATA-TCD Conference Report

This past summer, Morningside Translations had the honor of attending the American Translators Association – Translation Company Division (ATA-TCD) mid year conference held in Quebec City, Canada, from July 30 to August 1, 2009. As a Bronze Sponsor, we were able to forge new relationships and strengthen existing ones with vendors and fellow language service providers (LSPs).

Smart Strategies for Tough Times

The theme for the ATA-TCD conference, “Smart Strategies for Tough Times: Translating Words into Profits,” was timely and relevant.  Presentations touched on a wide range of solutions including the use of public relations and media exposure to increase revenues and profit, the importance of successful project management, the effective utilization of e-marketing channels, and the need to embrace the benefits of technology.

Practical Insights & Creative Solutions

Morningside participated in active discussions where we shared practical insights with other attendees on, leading to creative solutions for managing in times of economic uncertainty. Roundtable discussions on implementing new technologies in project management and translation memory were helpful in our efforts to improve efficiency and continue keeping costs down.

To Regulate or Not to Regulate…

During the conference, a lively discussion developed regarding the quality standards of translation. The differing points of view of LSP’s over the effectiveness and/or need for certifications and accreditation were highlighted. Those in favor of regulation view quality standards, ideally ISO (International Organization for Standardization) or TSP (Translation Services Provider) standards or processes, as effective means to regulate the industry and make sure that each provider produces at least a minimum standard of translation. Those not in favor of regulation felt that standards such as certifications or accreditation potentially stifle innovation and quality, and actually lower translation standards instead of raising them.

Success is a Team Effort

The conference was an outstanding success in bringing leading innovators in the industry together to generate new ideas and share efficient solutions. Morningside Translations looks forward to supporting and participating in future ATA-TCD conferences and activities.

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