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Producing Multilingual eLearning Courses: Morningside Best Practices eBook Available

Feb 14, 2022

Multilingual eLearning is the way of the future for businesses and educational institutions alike. It has proven to be highly effective for training employees or users over the past few decades, and that trend is only going to rise. The major setback? It takes hours upon hours to develop thoughtfully delivered eLearning modules. Delivering the same content with the exact user experience in multiple languages is a challenge, but it’s required to successfully communicate with teams around the globe, some with their own set of cultural nuances.

Multilingual eLearning training is essential for providing the necessary support to users who speak a different language. eLearning, of course, is more convenient, effective, and efficient than a traditional classroom – and localized content allows for improved comprehension and higher retention. But, in order to take advantage of this effective training tool, you need to ensure the courses you’ve created resonate with your audience.

So now that you have developed your course, you might be wondering: “how do I localize my eLearning course to increase support for global employees or users?” That’s why we are pleased to offer our new eBook, “Best Practices for Producing Multilingual eLearning Courses.”

In this eBook we look at:

  • Frequently used eLearning Software Platforms
  • Best Practices for Preparing your Project
  • Multimedia Requirements
  • Morningside’s Localization Process

It is time to understand how localizing multilingual eLearning for a global audience can help your business pivot for remote employees, including online educational institutions and the many industries seeing a boom in hiring and onboarding employees.

Morningside has a rigorous six-tier eLearning localization workflow that is thorough and standardized to create accurate, high-quality localized courses. We have over 20 years of experience working with more than 13 authoring tools in many different subject areas. Global 500 companies worldwide trust us to create and deliver their multimedia content in all required formats. Our full suite of services includes graphics, voiceovers, subtitles, and more.

Download our eBook, for access to our Best Practices and reach out to Morningside with your next multilingual eLearning project.

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