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Equivalence in Legal Translations: A Country Guide

Feb 10, 2022

Legal professionals face complex challenges when presented with multilingual matters. There are procedural and jurisdictional issues and language barriers that must be overcome. A robust legal translation or interpretation strategy is essential to your success when navigating multilingual matters. Failure to accurately translate legal documents can result in an adverse ruling or invalidation. Whether dealing with a business contract, complex international arbitration, or litigation, you must understand the global legal landscape and any special requirements in the applicable countries.

If you handle complex cross-border legal matters or submit official documentation abroad, you should know the country-specific requirements for translating for legal equivalence. If you are unfamiliar with the term ‘legal equivalence’, our blog “Achieving Legal Equivalence” is a great place to start.

Getting up to speed on extranational procedural and jurisdictional issues is an enormous challenge unto itself, but you cannot neglect the language challenge. That’s why we’re pleased to offer our updated country guide on Translating for Legal Equivalence.

This guide includes:

  • Country-specific considerations
  • Hague Apostille Convention membership status
  • Official languages per jurisdiction

Understanding the legal landscape and special requirements for document translation and certification in individual jurisdictions is essential. Our guide provides considerations for 20 of the most common countries that come up for our clients. While English is becoming a predominant language in international legal matters, there are still many situations where translation or interpretation needs arise. You can be the best prepared by partnering with a language services provider (LSP) with experience in legal translation and interpretation, familiar with the countries and any special considerations of legal equivalence.

For tremendous success, we recommend working with an LSP that utilizes a project management system, uses verified quality management, CAT tools, and are certified to ISO quality standards. These resources help ensure that your translations are consistent, handled reliably, and pass along cost-saving benefits to you. Download our updated, Translating for legal-equivalence guide today.

Download the PowerPoint Deck

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