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Running on World Time: Interpretation Services

Jan 13, 2014

At Morningside Translations, we don’t just keep our watches on East Coast or West Coast time—we keep our watches on world time. It’s not uncommon for our project management team to make calls to Colombia, China or Cape Verde in the same morning.

When clients inquire about global interpretation services, the answer is always yes. Yes, we do have a network of interpreters in most time zones of the world. Yes, we can set up your firm or company with a qualified linguist in South Korea, South America or even the south of France.

When one of our clients requested a team of simultaneous interpreters in Santiago, Chile, we were able to provide them with talented individuals who worked seamlessly with their in-house staff to provide Spanish-to-English interpretation for an English-speaking individual at a conference. Firms whose members require professional interpretation services in cities 12 time zones away when they arrive on business can look to Morningside to assist with global interpretation services as well.

There are several different forms of interpretation: simultaneous, consecutive, whisper and escort. Simultaneous interpretation is relevant at conferences or events at which audience members need to listen to the interpretation at the same time as the speaker is speaking in another language. This form of interpretation often involves a team in a booth or a similar setup, in which the listeners are using headsets or earphones. Consecutive interpretation involves a speaker’s words being interpreted after they are spoken, after every few minutes or sentences. Whisper interpretation is used for very small target-language audiences, whispering a speaker’s content simultaneously. Escort interpretation is for escorting visiting political, business or civic leaders on tours, visits or interviews.

Depending on the type of meeting or event, Morningside can help determine which type of interpretation service will work best. We can arrange for a team of qualified interpreters and can also provide equipment by working with our providers worldwide. No matter what type of interpretation service your event or international trip requires, Morningside can arrange for an experienced linguist to aid in making your multilingual or global event a success.

Photo by Rebecca Siegel: Skyline of Shanghai, China, at night

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