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PCT National Phase Entry

The PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) allows an applicant seeking IP protection in multiple countries to file a single international application, providing additional time to prepare and file in over 150 contracting states. This is known as entering the national phase.

Given the complexities of national phase entry, most applicants use local agents to handle the translation and filing. But this approach has serious drawbacks: no tools or processes for cost management, excessive translation fees, and a decentralized process that makes it difficult to measure translation quality.

Since 2000, Morningside has provided a superior choice: a streamlined solution for patent translation and national phase filing that lowers costs, ensures quality, and provides greater transparency and accountability. Find out why over 1/3 of the Top 100 PCT filers in North America rely on us for their patent translation & foreign filing needs.

How It Works

Why Us?

Proven Patent Expertise

  • Highly trained & vetted patent translators
  • ISO-certified QA processes
  • Deep subject matter & technical field expertise
  • Top-tier patent firms can perform filings as needed

Do More with Your IP Budget

  • Save 35-50% on translation & professional fees
  • Translation memory & repetitive text savings
  • Reduced internal administrative costs
  • Upfront & transparent pricing

PCT Filing Made Easy

  • Translate & file in 150 member states with a single instruction
  • Use our IP Platform to request, manage and track projects 24/7
  • Tailored workflows for your specific needs & processes

White Glove Service

  • 3,100 IP attorneys & paralegals rely on Morningside
  • 8-year average customer tenure
  • Dedicated account manager & live support

Quality Assurance

Ensuring quality is the most critical part of the process. Morningside’s network of native subject matter experts and in-country patent attorneys deliver uncompromising quality, from initial request to on-time delivery. Our patent linguists have 5+ years of patent translation experience, technical field expertise, and in-depth knowledge of patent law. We can also the file the patent via our network of top-tier
foreign agents located in 150 countries.

Outside Counsel

Morningside’s services are equally cost-effective for companies that rely on outside counsel to enter the national phase. By instructing outside counsel to obtain translations from Morningside, many clients have dramatically lowered their filing expenses without creating additional work for their in-house patent departments. Regardless of how you currently handle foreign prosecution, we can help you achieve greater efficiency and cost savings immediately.

Morningside IP Platform

Instructing us is fast and convenient. You can email us or utilize the Morningside IP Platform, a secure online platform that streamlines and centralizes the patent translation & foreign patent filing process. Select countries for filing, request and approve quotes, and track projects 24/7/365 from anywhere in the world.