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Time-Tested Best Practices & Considerations to Optimize your Flare Project for Translation

Nov 30, 2021

Back in the 2009’s, Morningside became early adopters of MadCap Flare software. We took to the transformative technology as early adopters to provide localization and translation for technical documentation. MadCap Flare has many intricacies that we know can slow down or cause confusion for your linguist. However, Flare’s single-sourcing features can also streamline the translation process with the appropriate planning and consideration.

You can improve your translation efficiency and quality by first optimizing your Flare authoring. In a convenient, on-demand webinar format, listen in on our time-tested best practices, which are proven to simplify your translation workflow, reduce costs and prevent headaches.

Morningside’s Flare expert and experienced localization engineer, Jennifer Schudel, discusses the considerations and best practices for optimizing your Flare project for translation in this 45-minute video. Jennifer’s work has been critical in translating Flare projects in over 30 languages and streamlining the translation process for many clients by simplifying their Flare projects, both structurally and linguistically. Jennifer has previously partnered with MadCap Flare associates in webinars and presented at MadWorld.

Learn how Morningside’s best practices, which we have employed for a decade, make the translation process easier for the linguists while reducing the time and money needed to get high-quality outputs. The discussion will cover snippets, variables, conditional text, page breaks, images, and general internationalization considerations.

In this on-demand webinar we will cover:

  1. How to author and optimize your Flare project for translation
  2. Best practices for snippet, variables, and conditional text
  3. How to manage text flow and page breaks in a way that won’t drive up localization costs
  4. Optimal formats for diagrams or images with callouts
  5. Other tips for internationalization

With 2022 right around the corner, you can apply these expert tips and considerations to improve your authoring and start the new year off on the right foot.

Gain to access our presentation and deck today. Morningside provides a full suite of localization and translation services in over 200 languages to help you skillfully adapt your software or product for overseas markets and engage and convert consumers worldwide.

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