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SiteLingo Solution

Translation Proxy Service (TPS) for Website Translation

Morningside’s website translation proxy service, Sitelingo, is an efficient and cost effective way to publish your company’s website into multiple languages. Using this process, Morningside can quickly provide a quote and start translating your site without you having to export and send us your website copy. Your translated site will be hosted for you, and updates to the English-language version of your website will be monitored on a daily, weekly or monthly basis (depending on your preference). We will notify you of the cost of translating any new website content, saving you the trouble of contacting us for a quote every time you update your website.

The SiteLingo Advantage

Fast Setup


  • Quick multilingual site creation
  • Rapid deployment
  • All we need is your URL—no need to send us any files or grant access to your CMS or webserver


Affordable SaaS


  • Multilingual content
  • No significant IT or admin costs
  • Low-cost cloud hosting
  • Automatic change detection


Reliably Smart


  • Automatic change detection
  • Reliable Google app servers
  • Full SEO integration and optimization

Traditional Website Translation

Don’t require automatic updating? Do you need to get your website translated but prefer to use your own Content Management System?

In that case, your website may be a better fit for Morningside’s traditional website translation option. If you wish to host your site and use your own CMS, this option is perfect for you. Our traditional approach is better able to support online catalogs, customer service, and web point of sale (POS) areas. Our expert linguists and programmers create a fully-functioning, translated & localized version of your website that your foreign audience will think was written specifically for them.

The benefits of website localization using our traditional translation method:

  • You host your translated site
  • You utilize your own CMS
  • Morningside supports you with content updates when you need them
  • Seamless support of online catalogs and eCommerce website elements
  • Full multilingual SEO integration
  • No monthly fee for maintenance

Get started with a Global Minisite

Not ready to translate your entire website? Get started by translating a “mini” version of your site. We offer a discounted package to help you launch a multilingual version of select pages of your website, using either our SiteLingo or traditional translation method.

The benefits of website localization using our Global Minisite option include:

  • Lower costs than translating entire website
  • Complete SEO integration
  • Custom packages designed to fit your needs
  • Choose to host your translated site
  • You have the option to receive automatic updates


Contact us for more information about our Global Minisite package. All packages are custom built for each client, so we encourage you to schedule a free consultation with us to discuss your specific needs and goals. We can have your site up and running just in time for an important client meeting or global marketing campaign.

To learn more about translation proxy solutions and if they’re right for you, please click here.