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Translation & the Role it Plays in FCPA Guidance

Nov 04, 2021

Does your translation program ensure FCPA compliance? Do you know how to handle mountains of foreign language documents in the event of an FCPA investigation?

Congress enacted the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) in response to millions of illegal international business dealings. Corporations and outside counsel have no choice but to understand the role translation plays in FCPA compliance in this era of heightened regulations and enforcement.

The choices you make regarding your translation program could make or break your compliance program, investigation, or case. Today’s far-reaching law only complicates matters for all United States businesses. It enforces strict consequences for those who fail to comply.

In 2021, the need for quick and accurate FCPA translations is becoming more crucial than ever before. Should you ever come under investigation, help protect your organization, or clients, by downloading our guide, “Translation: A Key Component of FCPA Compliance an FCPA Whitepaper.”

Translation: A Key Component of FCPA Compliance an FCPA Whitepaper

Download our complimentary whitepaper where we discuss:

• How the FCPA impacts your business

• Translating as a key component of your compliance program

• Handle large volumes of foreign language documents during investigations

• Morningside’s 4-Step approach for FCPA-compliant translations

• Benefits of using an LSP to handle FCPA translations

Multilingual legal matters are often complex and time-sensitive, requiring an experienced legal translations partner. Entrust your most time-sensitive translations to Morningside’s professional legal translators, each qualified through a series of rigorous tests and evaluations in accordance with our ISO-certified QA standards.

You can learn more about our legal translation services and receive your complimentary copy of our new white paper today.

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