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Articulate RISE 360 & L10N:
eLearning Content Localization

Aug 03, 2022

In our recent blog, “The eLearning Industry & L10N,” we discussed eLearning content localization with key points like using Simplified Technical English and what to consider when selecting your organization’s eLearning platform.

As the title suggests, in this blog, we will review the recommended L10N (localization) process for Articulate RISE 360.

Since its debut in 2016, Articulate RISE 360 (RISE 360) has grown tremendously in popularity. Morningside, as a professional language services provider (LSP), we have seen the requests for RISE 360 localization grow year over year. Just this year, we have already localized over 1000+ modules. That isn’t by accident; there are many benefits that steer organizations toward the platform.

Benefits of Articulate RISE 360

With any platform, there are pros and cons, and RISE 360 has many to consider. To better understand the platform, we should start with getting to know what makes RISE 360 many organizations’ preferred eLearning platform:


  • It’s a SAS Web tool, so there is no need to install software or worry about disk space
  • Cross-platform, it can be used in Windows or on MAC
  • The technical writer only needs a web browser and internet connection to get started
  • Editor with building objects
  • Add external interaction from published Storyline 360 for complex content
  • With a subscription to RISE 360, you also get access to all Articulate 360 services


  • Customization of features in the editor is limited compared to other tools
  • No native versioning –the technical writer needs to keep a copy of versions as needed
  • An annual subscription is only available per user

Writing your content is the first place to start. Below we have detailed the localization process and how it applies to RISE 360 and its users.

Before Localizing Articulate RISE 360

So, you have written your content with RISE 360, and now a localized version is needed. At Morningside, we recommend that your team begins by performing a source review before starting the localization project.

That means reviewing all of the sources you want to localize to determine the L10N readiness. The essential items you should examine are:

  • Make sure the layout formatting and the content are finalized.
  • Determine if the media/resources in the module should be part of the localization project.
    • Media can include images with text, video and audio clips.
    • Resources such as external links and files attached to the modules like PDFs.
  • Screenshots – Assess how many are there?

Suppose there are images with text that should be part of the localization process. In that case, it can be simplified if the images containing text are replaced with a similar image without text, and the image text will be written using the RISE 360 editor around the new image.

If this is possible, specialized image handling won’t be needed. If desired, you can request this from an experienced LSP like Morningside to assess and perform for you.

Screenshots should be decided on whether they need to be replaced with a localized version or if the originals should be kept.

As for the video, there are various considerations and options available as part of the localization project:

  • Replace with a localized version you already have
  • Add subtitles
  • Replace the narration with a dubbed version of the audio
  • Provide the source files to replace onscreen texts
  • And more…

It’s also possible to decide to leave the video as is without modification.

As there is no built-in version-keeping mechanism in RISE 360, if you haven’t already made one, it’s recommended to compile a set of internal rules to keep versions. You can do so by making a copy of modules that are about to go through significant changes, but the versioning is still needed.

Are You Ready to Begin Localizing?

After you have reviewed your finalized modules, there may be some cases; you might consider creating a copy of the finalized source and a new version specific for L10N with revised content like other images, videos, external links and so on.

Remember that you will need to maintain two versions from that point. This solution is not always the best option for all technical writers.

Sending for Localization

There are two standard options to focus on here:

  • Send a copy of – Turnkey solution
  • Export an XLF – Translation-only option

Send a copy of – Turnkey solution

When selecting this method, your part in the L10N project is only to send Morningside, or your chosen LSP provider, a copy of the RISE 360 module. This is done by choosing the “Send a copy” option in the module three-dot menu.

Your LSP will examine the module content based on your requirements. When partnering with Morningside, we will advise the total cost for localizing the provided module.

At Morningside,  we have delivered several thousands of localized RISE 360 modules. As an experienced LSP, we provide a Turnkey solution to our customers weekly.

Export XLF – Translation-only option

If you would like to remain predominantly in control of various project aspects, you can export an XLF file from the module from the settings menu in RISE 360, send the XLF for translation and import the translated XLF.

When choosing this option, it is essential to note that you will be managing the post-translation elements of the module, like layout corrections, image replacements, etc.

After Localizing what you should get from Morningside

Once your RISE 360 L10n project has gone through our robust localization process, including; translation, review, post translation layout editing and LQA.

We will also provide instructions on how to replace the RISE 360 Labels (UI) with the translated languages of the module. Eventually, to the end-user, there will be a completed module that would look as if it was initially written in the target language.

As an experienced LSP, we can provide a turnkey solution or only translations. We review the source module before translation and advise about issues that may help reduce the budget and TAT of the module localization. Using our workflow, our localization engineers can ensure precise, accurate translation, seamless integration, and user-friendly deliverables that provide the same user experience as your source content.

Morningside’s eLearning Workflow is part of the Articulate RISE 360 L10N process.



At Morningside, a Questel Company, we have delivered thousands of localized RISE 360 courses over the years since this platform was introduced. Our experienced team includes expert linguists, desktop publishing and typesetting specialists, voiceover talent, and project managers experienced in providing multilingual eLearning localization services.

We have subject matter expertise in dozens of fields, including engineering, marketing, finance, and IT. Whether you need to translate a course module or localize a virtual learning environment (VLE), Morningside’s team delivers consistent, high-quality content across many eLearning formats and applications.

When Morningside is requested to provide a turnkey solution, we will take care of all the aspects of the localization project for you and provide a hassle-free product you can provide your employees or clients. We recently partnered with a global 100-footware retail client to discuss their experience with Morningside for Articulate RISE 360 localization. Read the case study, “Renowned footwear retailer partners with Morningside for our RISE eLearning authoring, translation and localization expertise.”

About Morningside

Morningside, a Questel Company, is a recognized leader in eLearning translation, providing a full range of language and multimedia services to help you deliver instruction and content to employees, end users, and customers around the globe.

Our complete multimedia services include desktop publishing (DTP), voiceovers, subtitling, and more. We provide a one-stop solution for your multimedia localization project, from transcription & translation to testing & QA. Whatever the complexity of your project, we offer customized solutions that meet your budget and deliver the completed project on time and in any format you require.

Whether your focus is educating and orienting a global workforce or delivering on-demand research and collaboration, Morningside has the expert knowledge and proven experience to help you make the most of your global learning and training programs. We provide fast turnaround times, unparalleled accuracy and 24-hour customer support, with a proven track record of delivering projects on time and budget.

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