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Leading Experts Impart Translation & eDiscovery Strategies for Complex Litigation

Jul 21, 2022

Global organizations are no stranger to outsourcing tasks to meet their various business goals, even employing dozens of law firms to handle complex litigation, including translation for multilingual litigation.

Outsourcing has its benefits. Teams strapped for time often turn to outsourcing to get the job done quickly and efficiently – but you could be making a costly mistake regarding your multilingual dealings.

Significant Money for Significant Uncertainty

So, it’s a commonplace to outsource to law firms – what is the big deal? A significant amount of money goes into legal deals and international litigation, including the associated costs of translation.

Corporations that outsource their translations to outside counsel, who, in turn, outsource the translation to various third-party providers. This presents several unforeseen challenges.

With translations spread out, managing multiple vendors and invoices becomes confusing, and it is easy to lose track of spending.

Vetting data security policies, guaranteeing consistent terminology or accuracy in translations, and ensuring reliable and efficient support across vendors and quality standards present additional challenges.

It becomes increasingly impossible for the organization to mitigate these risks and comprehensively ensure the accuracy of translations while ensuring each translation is completed on time to schedule.

Managing the project’s cost, quality, and timeliness can become challenging when you involve more than a few providers. There is one way you can mitigate all of these risks.

Consolidating Your Approach to Complex Litigation Translation

There are many benefits your global organization stands to gain when consolidating complex multilingual litigation under one, or just a few, providers.

Without making any problematic internal changes or creating additional counsel work, you can:

  • Reduce costs
  • Improve project quality and consistency
  • Reduce lead time on project delivery

You can choose a reliable and experienced language services provider (LSP) to handle organization-wide translations and instruct each law firm under contract to obtain all future legal translation services from that specified LSP.

Outside counsel can conduct the LSP on your behalf, which will immediately achieve more significant cost savings, efficiency, and quality for your reputable organization. All while gaining increased accuracy, heightened data security protocols, and efficiency.

Making One Call: Consolidating Costs for Complex Multi-Language Litigation

In our recent webinar, leading legal industry experts passionately discussed valuable strategies for working with one provider.

Hear from Brooke Oppenheimer Counsel, eDiscovery, Cyber & Data Protection Axinn, Veltrop & Harkrider; Andrew Turko, eDiscovery Business Development at doeLEGAL and our own Dylan Blaney, Vice President of Business Development at Morningside as they host a 60-minute discussion for all legal counsel looking to learn how to optimize their workflow, spend more strategically, and reduce the cost and lead time on multilingual litigation work.

You can view our on-demand recording of the ACEDS webinar, “Making One Call: Consolidating Costs for Complex Multi-Language Litigation,” by completing the form here. If you have any questions or if we can help you consolidate your multilingual litigation to Morningside, contact us here.

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