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Global Medical Device Client Partners with Morningside for Flare Translation

Dec 08, 2021

MadCap Flare is a robust technical authoring tool used in the creation of technical documentation as well as learning and development programs. The software has many features that help streamline the authoring and localization process for technical documentation when proper planning and considerations are implemented. It is an excellent solution for single-source authoring and publishing, but when working in multiple languages, it can become a challenge. You need a language services partner (LSP) that knows Flare inside and out.

For years, corporations have relied on Morningside for their multilingual Flare projects because they can count on our localization engineers to craft custom solutions tailored to each project’s requirements. Morningside has spent over a decade working with Flare to perfect processes and establish best practices that ultimately save our clients time, money, and headaches.

One of those clients, a global medical device company dedicated to supplying imaging solutions, recently collaborated with us on a case study to highlight the benefits of partnering with Morningside to localize their Flare projects.

This case study discusses the initial client onboarding process and how we helped our client improve internal processes to mitigate current and future concerns regarding localization, reduce turnaround times, save on cost, and evolve together in our 11-year partnership.

Each customer experience of ours is unique. By partnering with us, you gain quality, control, and the connection you need to manage your content development workflow successfully. We support your outputs from end to end with complete turnkey solutions for native Flare project files, where we handle all localization and language support. For those who prefer a more hands-on approach, we fully support lingo projects and bundles where we can provide the language support, and your team handles the localization engineering. We are happy to provide custom levels of support to meet your requirements.

If you are new to Flare or recently discovered a new need to translate and localize your project, Morningside can help. You can read our case study now to learn more about Morningside and our ability to partner with you on your next software or technical documentation localization project.


We pride ourselves on our unique onboarding process, made possible by our dedicated Onboarding team, which assesses new client needs, current processes, timelines, and goals. Morningside takes this time to intimately get to know our clients and establish critical resources such as glossaries and style guides. This is just one of many ways in which we streamline the localization process and keep your projects clear and consistent for optimal comprehension.
By working exclusively with qualified subject matter experts, upholding third-party quality standards, and employing our own three-tier linguistic review process, we mitigate risks in the translation and review processes. Our global team of technical translators is carefully vetted to ensure high-quality and error-free deliverables. Morningside’s technical translation services will help you make the most of your technical publications.
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