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Chevron Phillips

chevronlogoChevron Phillips Chemical Company LP
(The Woodlands, TX)

Chevron Phillips Chemical Company is one of the world’s top chemical producers. They operate 37 manufacturing and research centers, and produce the chemicals that are essential in manufacturing over 70,000 consumer and industrial products. This represents thousands of patent applications and millions of pages to be translated and localized for patent offices throughout the world.

Chevron Philips was faced with the critical need of reducing its patent translation and filing costs. To protect the integrity of the chemicals and the safety of the end users, they also required superior translation solutions. In addition to translating foreign language patent documents into English, Chevron Phillips also required their chemical patents to be translated into several languages for filing abroad.

After intense research, that same year Chevron Phillips chose to partner with Morningside Translations. Morningside’s proven ability to accurately process the simultaneous translation and filing of multiple patents for multiple markets was the perfect solution. Their renowned patent agent-reviewed quality assurance process is the system that Chevron Phillips relies on today.