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Chevron Phillips


Chevron Phillips Chemical Company is one of the world’s top chemical producers. They operate 33 manufacturing and research centers and produce the chemicals that are essential in manufacturing over 70,000 consumer and industrial products. This represents thousands of patent applications that need to be translated and filed around the world.

The Challenge

In 2007, Chevron Phillips was faced with the critical need to reduce translation costs related to their extensive foreign filing practice—without compromising quality. To streamline the process, they wanted to centralize their patent translations with a single vendor. Finally, no additional work for their in-house patent department was considered a key measure of success.

The Solution

After researching and vetting several options, Chevron Phillips selected Morningside as their vendor for patent translations. Our ISO-certified quality control, technical subject matter expertise, and attractive cost structure were the deciding factors.

The Result

For over 10 years, Chevron Phillips has trusted Morningside IP to translate its patents for foreign filing. Translation memory tools ensure consistency across patent families and help deliver additional cost savings. Translations are now centralized, and the patent department uses the Morningside IP Platform to easily submit new projects, track spend, and download deliverables.


By partnering with Morningside IP, Chevron Phillips has dramatically lowered its patent translation costs without compromising quality.